Essence Healing is a woman owned company founded by Kaitlin with a group of industry experts in the botanical health and life longevity market. We are committed to bringing the best product to people that wish to compliment a healthy lifestyle and help those that wish to get support in becoming heathy once again. We believe in nurturing with nature and giving humans and animals a choice in their medicine. As scientific research continues to validate the powerful impact cannabinoids have on human and animal health, people around the world have been looking for the best manufactured and tested products. All of the products on my site are of the highest quality, fairly priced, lab tested, locally grown and manufactured!

All products contain less than 0.3% THC”

"I find this to have pretty good flavor. Not overwhelming. I only noticed I felt very relaxed."


Bone growth, chronic pain

"Definitely Relieves Stress and helps with pain."

Brad Patterson

schizoaffective disorde

"Smooth. There are not enough words to explain how it helps. Need more than 5 stars."


Fibromyalgia. Depression, anxiety